We are very serious about honoring the roots and history of Baja and our connection to both the desert and the sea. We believe this connection to culture and the local community helps us become an advocate to the protection and sanctuary of our wildlife and the land. In order for us to utilize the resources and agriculture the land has to offer we must give back to it.

 That is our way.



Chef Jon Pflueger has been culinary globetrotting for over twenty years. He started at the Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel, CA where he quickly rose to the position of chef de cuisine in their signature dining room. From there, Jon was recruited to revamp the San Diego seafood icon, The Star of the Sea Room, which received numerous accolades and awards under his tutelage. Jon left San Diego to study abroad with Michelin three star Chefs Paul Bocuse and Georges Blanc at their namesake restaurants in France. He then returned to the states to help re-open the legendary Russian Tea Room in New York city and then back to his hometown of Laguna Beach where he opened the visionary wine bar, Vertical, which he received top honors from the California Restaurant Writer’s Association and “best of the best” honors from the Los Angeles Times. Jon was most recently the chef de cuisine at the Michelin recognized Comal restaurant in Berkeley, CA which featured Oaxacan cuisine infused with the local bounty unique to the Bay Area. His lifetime travels through Mexico, his love and admiration for the people and their historically storied cuisine has led him to his newest and most exciting endeavor yet, Sirena



Kleber Freitas

Born in Brazil, moved to Spain in 2005. He began his culinary career in Valencia-Spain in 2006, in the lowest positions in the kitchen of the Bacco Doc Italian Restaurant, quickly rising to the position of head chef. He held this position for four years until he moved to Bilbao where he worked with Daniel Garcia at Zortzico, the first Michelin star in Bizkaya (Basque Country). In 2011, continuing in the Basque Country, in search of an apprenticeship he moved to the Spanish mecca of gastronomy in the city of San Sebastián, having a passage through the only 5-star hotel in the city called Maria Cristina, 4 stars Costa Vasca-Barceló. During this time he was also Head of the R&D department (research and development) of the food company Corpa Chef, developing new high-end products for the national market. In 2018 he co-founded his own restaurant serving traditional Spanish and Basque food with a contemporary twist, getting good reviews locally. 



Adrián Islas

Adrian began his career in Mexico City where he discovered his passion for working in hospitality. He has worked for large hotel and restaurants across Grupo Habita. During his career Adrian perfected his craft as a mixologist working in different positions across Mexico City in Circulo Mexicano, Habita Hotel, and Hotel Condesa DF. He also spent many years at Contramar Restaurant in the heart of the Roma neighborhood of Mexico City. Adrian’s experience and style is to take “every opportunity to put the essence of Mexico in a cocktail with all the gastronomy that Mexico exposes to the world”. He distills Mexico’s unique ingredients, traditions, culture, and charisma which inspires him inspiration to create cocktails highlighting a little bit of how much Mexico has to offer. Adrián and his family relocated to Baja where he has been working with hotels and restaurants creating craft cocktails and learning more about the beautiful hospitality and service of Baja California Sur.



Each dish begins with a clear sense of taste. Only the best, freshest, and most ripened seasonal ingredients will do. Using the main ingredient as the focal point, the other components are there to heighten the flavor and texture and catch the juices and distribute them onto the tongue with balanced complexity.



This magical, marvelous food on our plate, this sustenance we absorb, has a story to tell.
It has a journey.